CTIS310 Semester Internship
2018-2019 SPRING

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Dec.18.2018: JOTFORM internship opportunities: (1) PHP  /  (2) Javascript  /  (3) UI-CSS
Nov.10.2018: ARVENTO internship opportunities: (1) Sw.Dev. /  (2) iOS Dev.
Nov.10.2018: Some Quotas provided by CTIS: CTIS310-2018-2019-SPRING-Quotas-by-CTIS (last update: JAN 29, 2019)


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November 30, 2018 Friday 17:00

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December 24, 2018 Monday 17:00

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January 28, 2019 Monday

Internship starts

February 04, 2019 Monday

Internship ends

May 17, 2019 Friday (may change for students who take a course)

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May 20, 2019 Monday

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Internship Jury

May 20-28, 2019, date to be announced


Meeting Notes
Internship Rules and RegulationsTR - ENG (Updated: May 1, 2019)
Application Form
Company Information Form (english)  //  Staj Yeri Bilgi Formu (türkçe)
Company Evaluation Form (to be filled by your supervisor)
Workplace Evaluation Form (İşyeri Değerlendirme Formu)
Report Template

CTIS Internship Supervisor : N. Ceren SERİM
CTIS Administrative Assistant: Duygu YALIN SEVER
Phone: (0312) 2665907
Fax: (0312) 2665908
ctis310 at bilkent dot edu dot tr